Any time…any tour


Discovering Havana


This is the best way to make the first encounter with Havana. Make a panoramic private tour and discover a city stopped in time using a time machine…American classic cars.

from $35 per person


People to people


Live a real experience. Welcome to our lives, to our culture, to our dynamic. Find out with us how we make it possible. Real life, real places, real people!

$35 per person


The Old Man and the Sea


Follow some Hemingway’s steps in Havana. Visit his favourite Hotel, the house where he lived for 20 years, the Bar Floridita where he enjoyed the best daiquiris…Discover the places that made him fall in love with Cuba.

from $45 per person

Sabores de Cuba sin labios.jpg

Flavours of Cuba


Smell it! Touch it! Taste it! During this tour you will use all your senses to feel the real Cuban flavour: rum, cigars and coffee.

from $50 per person

The African Legacy.jpg

Afrocuban experience


The African legacy is all over, expressed in different ways, seen from different perspectives…religion, arts, a life style!

from $45 per person

A walk to remember web 1.jpg

A walk to remember


Walk back in time. 500 years of history frozen waiting for you to discover it. Come and see the beginning of an incredibly beautiful city. Walk inside Old Havana, one of the 7 Wonders cities of Modern World, love it´s contrasts.

$20 per person

BestWay Tour web 1.jpg

BestWay tour. A full day in Havana

All inclusive…

This is a balanced tour. In the morning, American classic cars and the city…in the afternoon, a walk inside the old town. Visit Havana in every possible way!

from $65 per person


Sin City… Mafia in Havana

Unexpected finale…

Why did they come? How did they use it? Why did they leave? This tour describes the history of Mafia in Havana. Do like they did, just go with the flow.

from $45 per person


Havana & the beach


All your dreams come true. You can do both…meet the city…love the beach. This is the perfect tour to enjoy everything in Havana. Live the experience of visiting our city and have the best time at the beach, all in a single day! The city, the beach and the sun…all you need to have fun!

from $55 per person